Lockdown Work

Over lockdown 2020-21 Barbaresi & Round have been considering DIY situations, temporary mishaps, and neglected corners from within our own homes. We have been working in parallel, exchanging images, drawings and objects both as sources and to work with materially. 

The work references the domestic, and our lives as parents as well as artists. We have been reflecting on family history, and the role of the home as a site for a multiplicity of emotions. Home can be a site of family conflict, childhood trauma, the heart-ache of relationship breakdown, joy in intimacy, contentment in familiarity, the place where your children learn to walk, a place where’d your guard comes down, a setting for hospitality or a site for display. In family life a palimpsest of memories are laid on one another where all these associations can exist in parallel. 

Through the work, we are questioning the relationship between the physical structure or framework of the home and the narrative of personal life? How do the DIY situations, mess, or unresolved physical forms in our home space relate to the flux of family life?